Danny Gordon Art is an art brand based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Danny’s dog art is part anatomically accurate and part comical. He likes it that way, because it allows customers to see their precious pets in his art, while at the same time, bringing smiles to their faces!


A little about the process:

 Unless he has a definite idea of what he wants to draw, he goes online for inspiration. After finding great quality dog photos, he picks one and begins a conceptual sketch to work out any issues. He then transfers his sketch onto a final drawing surface and applies color using Chartpak markers and Prisma Color pencils. 

 It typically takes 5-7 hours to complete an image. At this point, Danny scans his art into the computer and applies it to a design, which can be printed on a product.


How Danny started drawing dogs:

 Danny’s very first dog drawing in September of 2003 was not planned. His wife suggested that he take his socks off the kitchen counter..Oh wait, that’s a different story! Anyway, his wife suggested that he draw a Basset Hound as a sidekick to a cartoon character that he created. His next dog drawing was Rusty the Dachshund, and he’s been drawing doggone cute dog art ever since!