Doggone Cute!

"Danny is great with the amount of time he spends with the kids.  He is very engaging and encouraging" A. Wilson 

"Our class time with Danny, it was interactive and fun.  He is so positive about the kids work"  Anonymous Truman

"He gives a glimpse of himself as an artist and a person!  The kids love him!"  Kindergarten at Truman Elementary

"I see my students believing in themselves and willing to try more and more"  First Grade at Truman       

"I wish Danny could be here every year!" Truman



                Don't miss out on this amazing educational opportunity for your students.  Danny Gordon and his Comical Canine’s are always booking workshops in schools.  These workshops are a fun and educational way for your elementary students to experience a real artist at work. Danny will spend the day at your school and host a thirty minute general assembly for grades Pre – K through 2nd where he will effortlessly transform a plain large sheet of drawing paper into super fun and zany cartoon character which will be directed by your students!  

                That's not all... for the 3rd through 5th grade students he conducts a hands-on, 45 minute workshops for any size group of children where they will learn the fundamentals of sketching and will be able to create their very own cartoon masterpiece!  The possibilities are endless!    

How much is this you ask?

              Your School Could Qualify for a FREE one day visit!! Contact us to find out the guidelines for the free visits.   Due to the under-funding of schools and Danny's heartfelt belief  that teaching is the most important job in the world, therefore he has come up with a system to waive the fee for the first day of many metro area schools!  Is there more you ask?  Well, yes! Yes there is!!  There is shopping involved!  Hold on to your hats because before our day is done, you will have an opportunity to browse Danny’s portable canine shop and take home the cutest prints, coffee mugs, bookmarks and travel mugs that you will ever lay your eyes on!!  All of our products are affordable and kid friendly.  They also make great gifts! 

                Did you say gifts?  Woof, woof we did!  If you thought the kids loved learning drawing from Danny then you will be amazed at how excited they will be to paint with him!  Contact me about setting up a paint party, it's an easy way to earn funds for your school or team. It's also great for teachers' parties, classroom events or gifts for parents. Here at Comical Canine, we aim to please! We offer smaller canvas sizes for the kiddos that are affordable and larger canvases for teachers, organizations or parents night out! Let us take care of all your artistic and entertainment needs. Danny also offers custom mascot designs for your school with a full service print shop.  All of your schools mascot items from coffee mugs to t shirts can be originally designed and printed through us at Comical Canine Studios!  

Contact Danny's right hand lady, Maria Cain for scheduling your events!!
405-406-2102 or email me at
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