Doggone Cute!

                        Let Us Design Your School Mascot or                Company Character

    We can capture the spirit of your students, teachers and staff with
    a dynamic custom designed Mascot for your school!

    Here’s what makes our company stand out
    from the competition:

    We are a full-service, one-stop-shop center which not only allows
    us to design the perfect Mascot for your school, but we can also
    print your Mascot on a variety of high quality products like:
    Ceramic and travel mugs, mouse pads, magnets, t-shirts, tote
    bags, phone cases, lunch totes, back packs, coin purses and much,
    much more. We can even personalize many of the products with
    your name or a special message!

    Whether you are an elementary or intermediate school, we can
    design the perfect Mascot for you at an affordable price. If you
    have a Mascot that needs to be updated, we would be delighted to
    help. We can also design special theme-based images for
    fundraisers too!

    Danny Gordon Art’s creative Mascot designs are a big hit at several Oklahoma schools and we are proud to expand this service through our website so that everyone can have access to this creative and lucrative opportunity for their school.

    Attention Small business owners !
    If you need a compelling character to bring your business theme
    or slogan to life, character design is our specialty and we’re just a phone call away! So, whether you’re a plumber, lawyer or
    Veterinarian, we can design the perfect character for your business!